Guitar Repair Prices

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I love to make music and I love to help others make music by making their guitars play well. Your guitar is the tool you use to make music, express feelings and have fun. Like any other tool your instrument needs to be set-up well to allow you to create.

I have experience in complete set-up, electronic repair, fret work, damage repair, modifications and custom builds. Allow me to help you get your bass or guitar to a place where it plays well so you can make music.


You are unique and therefore your instrument should be set up for the way you play. Deluxe and Standard setups are set to general specifications that work for most people.  If you would like a custom setup, please arrange an appointment so we can talk about your playing style and way to make your instrument work best for you. Cost of parts or materials if needed are not included.

A new set of strings will be required for setup.  Strings may be supplied by you.  I will consult you about any hardware pieces that require replacement to allow for a good setup; e.g. electronics, nut or frets.

Deluxe Setup

The goal of this setup is to inspect the entire guitar and if needed make adjustments.  Includes adjustment to neck, nut, frets, string action, intonation, bridge and pickups. Polish the frets, clean and lubricate the hardware, electronics, neck and body.

Deluxe Setup Prices
Item Price
Electric Bass or Guitar $100
Electric Guitar with Tremolo $120
Acoustic Guitar, Archtop $100
12 String Acoustic Guitar $110

Standard Setup

The goal of this setup is to get your instrument playing well.  Includes adjustment to  neck, nut, minor fret adjustment, string action, intonation, bridge and pickup height

Standard Setup prices
Item Price
Electric Bass or Guitar $50
Electric Guitar with Tremolo $70
Acoustic Guitar, Archtop $50
12 String Acoustic Guitar $60
Quick setup with minor adjustments $30

Re-Fret (complete)

Frets included.  Partial fret replacement will be quoted following inspection.

Re-Fret (complete)
Item Price
Unbound unfinished fingerboard (e.g. rosewood) $180
Bound unfinished fingerboard (e.g. rosewood) $220
Unbound finished fingerboard (e.g. maple) $220
Bound and finished fingerboard $280
Conversion to fretless $180

Nuts and Saddles

The following prices are like for like replacement.  The price of nuts and saddles installed as part of a setup (recommended) will be reduced by 10%.

Nuts and Saddles
Item Price
New guitar nut (6 string) $45
New 12 string guitar nut $85
New Mandolin nut $60
Bass guitar nut $45
New acoustic guitar saddle $40
Prefab nut installation $25
Prefab saddle installation $25

Bridges on acoustic guitars

Bridges on acoustic guitars
Item Price
Remove and re-glue acoustic guitar bridge $55
Remove and replace with prefab. acoustic bridge $55
Difficult bridge replacement (warped top, tear out or epoxy removal) $90

Electronics Work

Electric guitar pickup replacement.

Supplied by you, no changes to the guitar body.  Changes to the guitar will be quoted following visual inspection and consult with you, the client.


Acoustic guitar pickup installation.

Supplied by you.  A discussion with you about the changes needed to your instrument before a pickup is installed is required.

$45 – $95

Replace a Volume or Tone potentiometer.

$20 plus the price of the potentiometer

Custom changes to the electronics will be quoted upon request.e.g. split coil switch, series/parallel or adding components such as a preamp.  Please contact me for an appointment.

Structural Repair

Structural repairs will be quoted following visual inspection. My rate is $40 per hour with a half hour minimum. Please contact me for an appointment.

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